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Phil Shaw: 

Club Ski Rosemère:

Tartu Vasaloppet 2017

Voici la première course de ski de fond Worldloppet que je fais avec ma conjointe Annie. Elle à réussi une très belle performance au 16km et moi aussi au 34km classique du Marathon de ski de fond à Tartu en Estonie ?? "

My wife Annie is amazing! Her first international XC ski race at age 48. She did really well at the 16km classic. My race was the 34km classic. I had another good with a top 100. Double poled it!!


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Sweden Vasaloppet 2017

Merci Annie pour ton support! Car ma sinusite était assez pour m'arrêter!! Ton encouragement m'a permis un Top 500 sur 16000 participants.
Merci également à Fischer, Swix, Xactnutrion et les meilleurs ski à roulettes au monde: 
La Vasaloppet en Suède et ma course favorite au monde!!! ❤??"
Sweden is responsable for one of the world's most important XC ski race! Vasaloppet!! 
I ❤??
Thanks to my wife Annie I had an excellent race. Without her support/encouragement I would not have taken the start because I was very sick with a nasal congestion. Top 500 out of 16000 ski racers?
 A big thank you also to Fischer, Swix, Xactnutrition and the best rollerski in the world Skike!
YouTube Volvo Th

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Gatineau Loppet 2017

Phil à participé au 2 courses de 51km Worldloppet de Gatineau. Il réussi Top 30 ainsi que des médailles dans sa catégorie d'âge. Bravo! 102km en moins de 6hr... WoW!!! 
Phil participated at both Gatineau Worldloppets 51km. He achieved Top 30 and won age category medals both races. 102kms in less than 6hrs... WoW!!!

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Nord Info du 27 avril 2016

Phil Shaw Nord Info 27 avril

Phil is getting ready to Skike through Scandinavia in May.


But first, a stop in Iceland for a Worldloppet race    <---click to see the pictures


Phil Skikes across Malmo   <---more pics here

Cruising thru Ystad   <--- Yes ! Pics !

Moving on to Kalmar, Jönköping & Linköping   <--- You get it by now , right?

In & around central Sweden  <--- Go ahead, we dare you...

Next stop: Umeâ  <--- Tired of clicking? Phil isn't tired of Skiking !

The great (white?) north: northern Sweden and Findland  <--- Will this trip ever end? The webmaster is running out of funny things to write here!

Almost done: from Kiruna (Still Sweden) to Narvik, Norway  <--- Second to last leg...almost there

The last leg: Narvik to Bodo, Norway  <--- Is it just me or do I smell poutine ?


June 2nd, 2016

That's it folks. As I write this, Phil is probably Skiking up and down the aisle aboard IcelandAir on his way back to his beloved Annie. Thank you for following Phil's antics on this beautiful trip and feel free to leave him a message or two or some comments on his Facebook Page.


Your freindly neighborhood webmaster.



How is your Swedish? See Phil's interview and his video on Swedish media.

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En 2016 je compte participer à plusieurs Worldloppet...
La course nommée "König Ludwig Lauf" en Allemagne, les 6 et 7 février, pour deux parcours de 50 km en style libre et classique.
La "Gatineauloppet" à Gatineau au Canada, les 27 et 28 février, pour deux parcours de 51 km en classique et style libre.
La dernière prévue est cette dont je rêve puisque je ne l'ai jamais faite encore, la course nommée "Fossavatnsgangan" en Islande le 30 avril pour parcours de 50 km classique.
In 2016 I will race five Worldloppets.
It all kicks off with the König Ludwig Lauf in Germany. February 6 will be a 50km freestyle and February 7 a 50km classic.
The next Worldloppets will be in Canada on February 27 and 28th. A 51km classic followed By a 51km skate.
And Here is my Big Dream race of 2016... Fossavatnsgangan on April 30th in Iceland. Why is IT my Big Dream race? Because I Have Never raced in Iceland before... And I Love Scandinavian culture.
koenig ludwig laufl Loppet GatineauLoppet IcelandLoppet
Koenig Ludwig Lauf Gatineau Loppet Fossavatnsgangan Iceland

Parc de la Mauricie. March 15 2016 

Cross country ski raced a 5K in January. Came in first. Trained often in this park from late December to late March 2016. The best closest place to cross country ski train nearest my hometown of Rosemere.

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Coupe Québec at Far Hills, Val-Morin Qc. March 14 2016 

A repeat of years past. Fast and rather dangerous conditions. Narrow icy trail. Combine that with lots of racers on a 5km loop. Starting from behind many skiers I managed a good race with a first place among the masters. Just like the previous 5 Coupe Québec at Far Hills.

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Oka Ski Marathon, Oka Qc. March 6 2016 

I won the Oka Ski Marathon three times. This year I have enjoyed doing the Oka Ski Marathon’s 5km race with my wife Annie. Short but intense. A gold medal for me and a gold medal for her in our age category. Not bad for a couple in their late 40ies. Plus I had the time to whip out my I-phone 6 and film my wife Annie in the final 300 meter sprint she skied. Freedom to record history. And freedom to encourage fellow racers as they skied their final 21km lap of the 42km full Oka Ski Marathon.

  • IMG_6403
  • IMG_6404
  • IMG_6502
  • IMG_6511

Ski Tour Canada, March 1 2016

I was a spectator at 2 World Cup Cross Country Ski events of the Canada Tour. Namely in Gatineau and Montreal. Although many Canadian athletes placed in the Top 10, it was Norway that impressed the most. Norway has always been a power-house in cross country ski racing.

  • IMG_6224
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  • IMG_6300


Gatineauloppet, Gatineau Qc. February 27-28 2016

Two 50Km Worldloppets in 2 days. Saturday 51km classic race in a time of 2h45 minutes. 16th place overall and similar results in Sundays 51km freestyle race. Not bad for a 50 year old!

  • IMG_6088
  • IMG_6147
  • IMG_6190
  • IMG_6202
  • IMG_6210
  • IMG_6217
  • IMG_6222
  • IMG_6304


Canadian Ski Marathon, Lachute, Québec. February 20-21 2016 

50th anniversary of CSM. Buckingham to Montebello to Lachute. I skied the first day from Buckingham to Montebello. Approximately 80kms.  At Sunday evening’s banquet I enjoyed giving away a pair of Skikes on behalf of

  • IMG_5954
  • IMG_5960
  • IMG_5993
  • IMG_5996
  • IMG_6010
  • IMG_6037
  • IMG_6041


Germany & Austria, February 2016 

The best and yet closest place to cross country ski train was in Ehrwald, Austria. We stayed near the fabled Worldloppet in Bavarian Germany. Because the event was cancelled due to lack of snow, we would travel 45 minutes by car to Ehrwald. Every day for six consecutive days we would travel from Eschenlohe Germany to Ehrwald Austria. Ehrwalder Alm Ski resort is twice the size of Mont-Tremblant with twice as many xc ski trails. And wide, well groomed trails. More than enough snow. 2 meters!! But we also visited a monastery, museum and castles in Germany. These are the small German towns we visited in Bavaria…Ettal, Murnau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Schwangau.  Hopefully, the ski event will never be cancelled again due to lack of snow or whatever other reason… Please see their website.

  • IMG_5104
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  • IMG_5492
  • IMG_5523
  • IMG_5543
  • IMG_5560
  • IMG_5693
  • IMG_5732
  • IMG_5765
  • IMG_5782


Marc Gagnon, Dany Bédard, Annie Gauthier, Phil Shaw, Isabelle Gambu et Jean Beaudouin sont les heureux membres du Club Ski Rosemère qui ont participé à la Birkebeinerrennet 2015.

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Marcialonga, Italy. January 31st 2016

Italy’s biggest cross country ski race. It has the ambiance, scenery and competiveness of “Le Tour de France”. Marc, Annie and I enjoyed racing Marcialonga 2014, but 2016 was even more fun! Why? It was way more fun because we skied it as a fun challenge and not race. For once we tested our fitness without having to actually race. And our recompense was admiring the majestic Dolomites and saluting the numerous emotional Italian spectators along the way.

  • IMG_4841
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  • IMG_4945
  • IMG_4947
  • IMG_4956
  • IMG_4969

Quelle meilleure façon de célébrer le weekend de la St Valentin que de faire une compétition de ski de fond de renommée international à -30° celcius ?!

What better way than to celebrate Valentine's weekend than with an international cross country ski race in -30° celcius weather ?!


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